Scaling and Polishing

Dr Delac utilises a highly specialised cleaning tool called an ultrasonic scaler to scale your teeth…

He will then finish off by applying a professional polishing paste with a motorised polishing cup / brush to polish your teeth and remove any stains.  The idea behind this regimen is to help maintain healthy gums for those with healthy gums; and for those with gum disease, to help get the gum disease process under control. This is not just about a one off clean- much like servicing your car – to keep your car running right, you take it for a regular service; to maintain healthy gums, you have a periodic professional clean.  Regardless of whether you need any fillings or not, you should have a regular clean every six months.

Isn’t cleaning my teeth enough?  Why does Dr Delac need to clean them too?

At home cleaning will only remove plaque.  It will NOT remove tartar build up.  Tartar build-up (or calculus) is plaque that has calcified and attached itself to your teeth as a hard deposit.  It cannot be cleaned off by your manual or electric toothbrush.  It harbours bacteria and causes gum disease.  Therefore, it needs to be cleaned off periodically.  For most people, this will be 6 monthly.   Some people do have this tartar build up at faster rate and need 3 to 4 monthly professional cleans.

Also, you can clean plaque above the gum line and very slightly below the gum line.  However, you cannot clean plaque if it is deeply entrenched under the gum.  Dr Delac is able to clean any plaque from under the gum as this plaque will only accumulate there and be a problem for those with gum disease.

Stubborn stains cannot be removed with your home care- however Dr Delac’s special polishing can.