As a rule of thumb X-rays should be taken of your back teeth every two years…

However, Dr Delac caters his recommendation to the individual.  Some people who are at high risk for cavities may need X-rays more frequently than this.  Others, who have never had a filling, don’t need X-rays as often.

X-rays allow us to view areas that are not so easily seen during your regular “check-up”

We get a very limited view between your back teeth and underneath any fillings you may have.  These two areas are possible sites for cavities to develop that will often not be able to be diagnosed by visual examination.

Your X-rays are recorded digitally

This technology allows us to reduce your radiation exposure by up to 90%. Radiation protocols recommend that no protective lead apron is required to be placed over the patient while an X-ray is being taken because the radiation exposure is so small.  However, Dr Delac still prefers to be over-cautious and uses a lead apron to give his patients maximum protection.  The other great benefit about digital X-rays is no chemicals are used to develop them, which is better for the environment.