Dr Delac examines your teeth using specialised surgical glasses that magnify his view by 2.5 times normal…

He also utilises a high strength fibre-optic light attached to these glasses that surgeons use when operating in hospital.  This special light and magnification ensures maximum visibility above and beyond the standard overhead light of the dental chair for the otherwise dark mouth.  This ensures the highest standard of examination possible.

Your gums will also be examined for signs of gum disease.

Gum disease is generally a silent disease and there aren’t many warning signs, so many people have the disease without even being aware of it. The key to preventing gum disease is good oral hygiene and there are some great specialised cleaning tools that will not only make your life easier when cleaning the more difficult areas of your mouth, but will do a better job too!  There is an item number in the dental fee schedule that allows a dentist to charge for oral hygiene instruction.  However, Dr Delac does not believe this is fair and consequently this is all inclusive of your examination fee and you are not charged extra.

As mentioned before, tooth cavities and gum disease are the two most common diseases in the mouth…

However, there are other things that Dr Delac will be checking during your examination. Smoking and high alcohol consumption can increase the risk of cancer to the lining of your mouth, and as such Dr Delac will check the lining of your mouth for oral cancer.

During your consultation your jaw muscles and joints will also be examined as these structures can be responsible for facial pain and may even contribute to headaches.