Teeth Bleaching/Whitening

 Almost every other cosmetic procedure in dentistry involves cutting healthy tooth structure, which is irreversible damage to the tooth…

The beauty about teeth whitening is that no tooth structure is cut. Instead, special chemicals are used to change the base colour of your teeth.  Scientifically, we are not aware of any long term detrimental effects from the use of these chemicals.

Everyone has a differing ability to whiten and predicting the outcome you get is difficult.  Recently, the concentrations of the bleaching chemical that can be prescribed to patients has been reduced due to reasons of safety.  The good news is that we know the ideal way to bleach your teeth is with lower concentrations over a sustained period of time to get the best results. This change will have no bearing on your treatment results.

This procedure has become more and more popular with the influence of Hollywood being very strong.

Dr Delac believes a “freshen up” is great, but “Hollywood white” looks very fake and un-natural so he certainly does not encourage his patients to go that white.  However, whilst Dr Delac will always give you his opinion, the decision as to how far you take it, is totally up to you.