Bridges are a method of filling a space where a tooth has been lost – a fake tooth (called a pontic) is placed into the space and is anchored off one tooth or two teeth either side of the space forming a “bridge”

The traditional bridge involves removing a lot of tooth structure from the two teeth on either side of the site of tooth loss.  It is a very destructive process and asks two teeth to do the work of three.  With the additional loading now on those teeth holding the bridge, they can eventually fail leading to further tooth loss and you then have a bigger problem.   Despite this, it used to be our number one treatment option for replacing a lost tooth.  Today it would be rare to place a traditional bridge because there are better options out there now.  The best option to replace a lost tooth today is an implant.

Some more viable bridge options have evolved today.

In areas of the mouth where the loading is lower, we can anchor the fake tooth using only one of the adjacent teeth using modern bonding techniques.  The great advantage of these adhesive bridges is that only a small amount of tooth structure needs to be removed from this adjacent tooth and so in the right situation, they are a great option.