Fissure Sealants

Children are at higher risk of tooth decay than adults.

The most vulnerable part of the tooth surface to decay is the biting surface of the back teeth where there are very fine grooves called “fissures”. These fissures trap bacteria easily and this can lead to decay quite quickly.  Fortunately, with fluoride in our water and toothpastes, these fissures don’t decay as easily as in past generations.  However, Dr Delac still sees decay in these fissures quite commonly.

By bringing in your child for regular check-ups, Dr Delac can catch any early subtle changes in these fissures before they start to cause tooth decay and perform a non-painful, non-invasive preventive procedure called “fissure sealants”.  Dr Delac uses special materials that seal off these grooves, preventing ingress of bacteria and the development of decay.