Your Child’s Check-Up

Children’s dental care is a specialised area of dentistry

The most common dental disease in children is tooth decay.  Unfortunately, since the early 2000s, the rate of tooth decay in Australian children has been on the rise.   Bearing this in mind, tooth decay is primarily what Dr Delac is on the look out for during your child’s check-up.

When teeth first erupt into a child’s mouth, the enamel surface has not fully matured and requires a few years of exposure in the mouth to harden to their full strength.  This softer enamel surfaces mean childhood is the most vulnerable time for tooth decay – and together with our society’s high sugar diets, this explains why the rate of tooth decay in children is increasing.

Dr Delac will discuss your child’s diet if tooth decay is a problem for your child.  Reducing a child’s sugar intake is critical to preventing cavities in the future.  Good brushing is only the start.

If we can get children through these high-risk years with small fillings or no fillings, they will be setup for the rest of their lives with strong teeth requiring minimal dentistry.  Heavily filled teeth in childhood can lead to more complicated dentistry later in life.

The other important factor unique to children that Dr Delac is examining during your child’s check-up is their “Jaw Growth and Teeth Crowding”.