Meet Dr David Delac

Dr David Delac

Dr Delac graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1998 and after completing a voluntary dental internship and working in several different community health centres Dr Delac started working in Beaumaris in 2001, and in 2006 he became a practice owner of Beaumaris Dental Group.

Dr Delac’s Philosophy on dental care…

“The goal with every patient of mine is to build a relationship that is underpinned by trust.  As a dentist, to have gained the trust of the patient is truly the greatest honour that I can receive and something that I cherish.   I follow some fundamental core principles that are a reflection of me not only as a dentist but also as a human being in order to establish this special trust:

  • Practise high quality ethical dentistry with honesty and integrity
  • Treat patients the way I would want to be treated – gently and with respect

Once this trust is established, so many things can be achieved for your dental health.   The most powerful and meaningful changes involve helping those of you that find the dental environment to be an anxious experience.   The greatest buzz I get in dentistry is to see the change from when I first meet an anxious patient with the look of fear in their eyes through to the smile they greet me with at subsequent check-ups because of the confidence they gained in realising attending the dentist isn’t something to be fearful about when they see me – not to mention the concurrent improvements seen in your dental health.

Knowledge is power.  A big part of my day is spent arming my patients with knowledge so they know how to look after their mouths.  I like my patients to want to come to see me twice a year for a regular check-up not because I say they should but because they realise the benefits of doing so.

While the goal is to prevent problems before they begin, there will be times when problems crop up.  The patient needs to be informed about all the options available to them to treat their problem.  My job is to make sure the patient understands the advantages and disadvantages of each option and I will always give a recommendation of what I think is the best option.  However, the final decision rests with the patient and I will always allow you to make your decision without pressure.

I am aware the public is being bombarded more and more with regards to cosmetic procedures   I do perform cosmetic dental procedures and I understand improving someone’s smile can make massive impacts on someone’s self-confidence and self-esteem.  However, I feel a lot of patients aren’t aware of the tooth destruction that occurs with some cosmetic procedures – the goal for me is to be minimally invasive with my cosmetic procedures.  My attitude here is: health care first and cosmetics is second.  There is no point having a great smile on unhealthy foundations.

My primary focus in dentistry is on prevention and maintenance.  Prevention is better than cure and if you are attending regularly and any problems do develop, then I can catch the problem early and prevent pain and infection and disease later.  The crucial point that everyone must know is that good oral health has strong correlations with good overall body health.  The ultimate goal is: ‘Teeth for Life’.”