Protecting Your Health

The last thing you want is to come to the dentist and catch a disease that can be transferred between patients via dental instruments.

The way we prevent this from happening is to follow strict “infection control” protocols.

Infection control is about the prevention of transmission of infectious diseases between the patient, the dentist, the dental nurse and other patients that visit our dental practice

This is a topic that receives very little attention by patients but is one of the most important responsibilities a dental practice has. The most basic of these principles you visually see each time you visit Dr Delac – he and his staff wear gloves, masks and safety glasses.  You, the patient, wear safety glasses. Behind the scenes, there are many protocols strictly adhered to in order to maintain the highest standards of care possible. These protocols cover topics like:

  • Sterilisation practises
  • Use of plastic barriers on our chair side equipment
  • Zoning of clean areas and dirty areas
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Single-use tools / materials and their safe disposal

We maintain best practice in this regard.

One example of going above and beyond these already high standards is concerning the frequency of having our autoclaves (sterilisation equipment) calibrated and validated

The protocols recommend once a year calibration and validation yet we have this done 6 monthly.  Calibration is checking the autoclave is actually performing optimally to strict standards that will sterilise our tools successfully and hence protect you as the patient against cross-infection.

Validation is running tests that confirm all tools that have been sterilised by the autoclave are in fact sterile.  The scary thing here is that a poorly performing autoclave will potentially not be successfully sterilising the tools even though the machine indicates it has and hence these potentially unsterile tools are then re-used on the next patient.

The general public would have very little idea about the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to maintain these high standards.

Over the years we have received great feedback from agency dental nurses that help us out from time to time.  They get to work in many dental practices and the consistent feedback is how impressed they are by our high standards.

This standard of infection control will give you peace of mind that your health and safety is Dr Delac’s most important priority.