Patient Anxiety

Unfortunately, a lot of people are anxious about going to the dentist

The cause is usually bad childhood experiences and in adulthood, those memories flood back, making the anticipation of the dental visit much worse than what actually happens in that visit!

Patient anxiety leads to putting off visits to the dentist which contributes to dental problems getting worse until they eventually cause toothache.  At this point, the patient is forced to attend a dentist and if they only go when they have a problem, it means they see a dentist that they don’t know and don’t trust.  When someone has toothache, their emotions are on edge from the pain and the dental anxiety makes it worse.  The whole dental experience in this scenario becomes very difficult for everyone – and this reinforces the fear which leads to an even longer gap until the next visit.  Sound familiar?  This self-feeding cycle needs to be broken.

The best way to do this is visiting the dentist when you are not in pain and finding someone you trust that won’t hurt you

The most common causes of the anxiety are:

  • Fear of injections
  • Sound of the drill
  • Anticipation of pain
  • Gagging

Dr Delac empathises with these problems, and the key to overcoming these is giving you time in your appointment to explain the cause of the anxiety and design an individualised strategy to help you cope.  In the end, Dr Delac aims to gain your trust by walking you through your treatment every step of the way and not giving you any nasty surprises. He will not work on your teeth unless they are completely numb.